Review: Middle Mediastinum & Heart

The following review will show you many of the structures you should have identified in your heart dissection.  In addition to tracing the vessels of the heart, this video will give you an in depth look at some of it’s internal features.

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  1. Hell of a lot better than the Wikipedia pictures.

    at 11:30 Friday I got a call from the cardiologist who read my echocardiagram, and pulled me off the scaffolding (where I was house painting), put me on aspirin, , and told me to show up Wednesday at 6 a.m. at the local hospital for a procedure (instead of going hiking in the Sierras for vacation.) All I know is–’tis urgent! Since I have not talked to him for more than 7 minutes. I thought it would be kind of nice to know what the arteries or veins he will be talking about in the small interval before sedation, when I finally see the white coat, on Wednesday.

    I’m grateful for the clarity, and relative lack of jargon.

    • John, I am very glad that Anatomy Guy videos were of help to you. We have tried to keep them informative, fun and helpful to people at all stages and levels of training. I feel very confident that the donor and their family would feel very comforted by the fact that their gift is making an impact. Good luck on the Dr. visit and I hope they get you back to full health. If you don’t mind I will put you in my prayers too.
      Dr. Craig Goodmurphy — The Anatomy Guy

  2. Dr Goodmurphy…. wow! I had my Grant’s Atlas and Surgical Recall out in preparation for CV surgery tomorrow when I suddenly remembered AnatomyGuy, and surenuf there was just what I needed…. a walk through the mediastinum and heart! This could replace my addiction to Grey’s Anatomy…. thanks for making this available! I’ll be sure to make this site known to others …. Sunny

    • Love these videos, thanks so much.
      One tiny comment: The spray-painted “anatomy guy” at the beginning almost blew my eardrums off. The volume levels are somewhat discrepant between that part of the intro and the body of the video. Maybe it’s to make sure the viewers are awake prior to watching?

      • oops sorry. I will see if the levels were pulled up by accident and if we can pull them down.

  3. I love your videos.. They’re really of BIG HELP to me especially that I am in First year of medschool.. 🙂 How I wished I saw your videos a little earlier so that I wont be having a hard time in our moving exams.. 🙂

    Thank you again..

  4. Great anatomy lesson. I wanted to pint out a small slip of the tongue. In the Video on posterior and superior medistinum when describing the branches of Aorta you said right subclavian when you meant left subclavian. This doesnt take away anything from your great teaching. Thank you and God bless.

    • Oops thanks i will try to get that fixed. just to let everyone know I appreciate you pointing out any such slips or mistakes. Sometimes we are too close to catch everything and we need those extra eyes.
      Dr. G

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