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This free set of E-learning modules for Undergraduate Medical Imaging Curriculum was made possible, in part by a GE educational grant provided through the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The collaborative efforts of Eastern Virginia Medical School Pathology and Anatomy Department (EVMS) and the Medical Center Radiologists (MCR) group, which is home to the Radiology Residency program at Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk Virginia.

Project Goals: Our primary outcome will be to establish a method and format for the production of a unified, comprehensive and vertically integrated undergraduate radiology curriculum using a modern, interactive set of web tools that is both informative and globally accessible. It will be targeted at medical students throughout their medical education, but will also have value to a larger audience, including but not limited to members of the public, residents and attending radiologists. Over time, and based on the AMSER National Medical Student Curriculum.