Dissection: Middle Mediastinum & Heart

The following video is a step by step dissection of the heart and middle mediastinum.  Even though this dissection has just a few cuts and some cleaning, the anatomy of the heart may be challenging. With this dissection, a little bit of prep will go a long way.

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  1. If dissection details to see the inflow and outlet flow tracts of each compartment were provided, it would have been better. Rest everything , very good.

    • We were hoping to follow the blood with an endoscope and will try to do something like this later this summer if we can. We will also try to add some pathology which uses the inflow and outflow cuts to look for disease.
      Dr. Goodmurphy, The Anatomy Guy

  2. شكرا جزيلا على هذا المجهود العلمي

  3. Your videos had helped me past my respiratory anatomy examination! Great stuff you’re doing here! Thank you..

  4. THANK YOU! All of your videos are an incredible help to me as a medical student in anatomy. I watch the appropriate video 2-3 times before I head to the lab to complete the corresponding dissection. I would be lost and mangling a perfectly good learning tool, the cadaver without your guidance. Also, I was able to answer 3 questions on my written anatomy exam just by paying attention while you describe each dissection and mention factoids as you perform the dissections. I am immensely grateful for what you have provided to help me get the most out of my gross anatomy course and become a better future doctor.

  5. 😀 This is by far the greatest dissection and anatomy videos in the face of the earth!!! ” thank you!

    • Hi,
      As these days dissection is not shown to medical students, it is just by imagining things we have to remember anatomy. The anatomy guy is doing a great job by providing us with dissection videos, for which we medical students are indebted to.you.
      Great job.
      Looking for more videos.
      Wish u the best


  6. Hi,
    Great job. Simply explained. Wonderful.
    Thank you very much.

    Uvindu Weerasena.

  7. Ah!!!!
    Nothing is better than dissection for learning anatomy.
    Great Job .