Dissection: Male And Female Pelvic Viscera

2 Comments on “Dissection: Male And Female Pelvic Viscera

  1. Great presentation by Mr.Anatomy guy.It just orients the relationship between vessels,soft tissue and pelvis excellently.I find it easy to understand and ofcourse my imagination about 3D orientation of pelvic structures is very clear now after watching this video.Thanks for the great job!!
    Krishna. 1 st year MD.

  2. Hey Mr.Anatomy Guy,Your video series is awesome.Very easy to understand & very attractive to watch.But i just wanna figure out something.Your showing the zones of the prostate using an apple.but in Gray’s atlas of anatomy(international edition) page 222,it shows the 4 zones,but much more different than the video.so what is the exact position of zones???????????????????