Review: Deep Back & Spinal Cord

The following video will show you many of the structures you should have found in your deep back and spinal cord dissection.

20 Comments on “Review: Deep Back & Spinal Cord

  1. This really helped me understand the different parts in the spinal/dorsal region. Thank you!!!

  2. Thank so much – That was very informative. I have cauda equina syndrome and now want to learn as much as i can about the lower spine especially the cauda equina. I cant thankyou enough for this video and guarentee i will be watching it at least another 5 more times, because of gabapentin. thanks again

    • Thank for the comment. I know the video won’t provide relief for cauda equina syndrome but I am glad it can help you understand it a bit better. PS I haven’t had a Vegemite sandwich for a long time.
      Dr. G.

  3. Very helpful, thank you. I will be bookmarking this site!

  4. Thank you so much! This was very helpful!

  5. It was a very informative video and would like to learn more about the other parts of the body as please let me know that from where can i see more of such video’s and how to stay connected..Thanks!

  6. In 2010 in Presbyterian Neurological Institute MD P. Angivane made on my spine surgery at L3/L6.
    It done amazingly good.
    But, I still have pain in led muscles and problem with bladder. I found in internet Cauda Eguina syndrome
    and this video. It is very informative and
    helps understand structure of end of the column. It is interesting.
    I’m not MD, but, I think, it is helpful to next newcomers professionals.
    Maybe this team in short future will show how to treat problem like mine.
    Thank them.

  7. My favorite part was when you scolded “Skully” for touching the monkey. I need a laugh or two when I’m in the study zone! 😀

  8. Wow, what a great website! and your such a good presenter! thank you!! this is great great great!!

  9. I will have to watch the video a few more times to fully grasp the whole concept. I’m researching all I can to understand my daughter’s latest of four back surgeries. (Four over a twenty two year span.) Her surgeon removed a ten pound, football size clear cell meningioma in a thirteen + hour surgery, December 2, 2011. I do not know how the cauda equina was or was not affected at this time. Thank you so much for your effort to educate people! It does help to have a “visual” to relate to.

    • If you don’t mind i will be praying for good outcomes for your daughter. We are trying to get a cauda equina surgical video done in the new year so stay tuned.
      Dr. G

  10. I didn’t understand a lot of the terminology, but it helped me to understand a little bit about where the cauda equina syndrome would effect me so I will be able to ask my doctor about it to make sure I am not having these symptoms, its kind of hard to tell with everything else I have going on, IBS, slow digestion, cyst on ovary, herniated disc at the bottom of the spine and bulging disc in the one above that, spinal fusion at C5-T1 and herniated discs at C2-C4 needing surgery. Lots of symptoms and don’t know what is causing them. Just had a diagnostic laproscopy done on my ovaries and stomach and everything looked clear so the nurse suggested I talk to my back specialist, that is what made me start researching and I ended up here. So now I think I will contact my doctor. Thank you for the info.

  11. Layperson here: thanks for making this an understandable technical presentation. Very informative and helpful for a person interested in finding out about the the layout of the back and spine. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures.

  12. I am studying medicine at a school that does not do dissection. This is a valuable resource, which is both informative, respectful, and has just the right injection of humor. The perfect antidote to a long session of pouring over books, and trawling though Wikipedia. Thank you very much indeed.

  13. Just a small thing – I can’t watch this video on the ipad! I’ll try and check it out from a pc later

    • you can watch them on ipads, they look nice, it may be the connection you have though. it also works on kindle fire and other devices too.
      I have had IE lock up sometimes and tend to have better luck with Firefox.