Dissection: Superficial Back

There is a dissection assistance pdf file that you can use to assist you in your lab preparation.

5 Comments on “Dissection: Superficial Back

  1. Check to see if your connection is good and if you have an updated flash player. Also it may bog down and not play on some phones but it is working fine on my Droid.
    Dr. G

  2. I have updated my adobe flash player and still can’t seem to get your video to play without looking scrambled. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hi Stephanie. A couple things to consider. If you are using a cell phone it will only work on certain ones yet. I have a droid and it works with the flash player. I have had to turn off the mobile view at the bottom though. If you are using a netbook some of them don’t have a graphics card that is very capable of buffering video so it may be choppy. Try from a desktop to see if they will come through. Email me to let me know how it goes or to provide a bit more detail about what you are using etc and perhaps I can help with some more details

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