Dissection: Infratemporal Fossa

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  1. Minor note: at around 50:20-50:30 the maxillary nerve is referred to as V3. The inferior alveolar nerve belongs to V3 as part of mandibular, but maxillary is V2, right?

    • ah crap. Thanks for letting us know about the slip up. You are indeed correct that the inferior alveolar nerve is V3 and mandibular and V2 is the maxillary division. We will fix that ASAP.
      Dr. G Anatomy Guy

  2. Also at 59 minute You said that maxillary artery is a branch from the internal carotid artery, I think it is from external carotid artery.

    Thank You

    • fixed thanks for the heads up. We are going to redo that whole video — man I would not shut up!!!!