Regional Imaging

Each of the E-Learning imaging curricula on Anatomy Guy are geared to undergraduate medical curriculum. The content can be viewed in any of three ways. By System, Region or Method of Imaging.
The Regional based Imaging Curriculum works through content modules based on body region. It includes self paced modules with learning objectives, short web based videos and post quiz information to assess your learning along the way.

The Anatomy Guy E-Learning Imaging Curriculum is a product of an educational grant provided through the RSNA. It is a combined effort of Eastern Virginia Medical School department of Pathology and Anatomy and the Medical Center Radiologists group in Norfolk Virginia.
In exchange for becoming a registered member all three imaging curricula are freely available. Your personal information will never be sold and you will not be solicited as a member of the AnatomyGuy website. We do however want to use the access and training level data to improve our educational offering and your experience.

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Basics of Imaging

Back Imaging

Upper Limb Imaging

Head & Neck Imaging

Thorax Imaging

Abdomen Imaging

Pelvis Imaging

Lower Limb

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