Dissection: Anterior Triangle of the Neck

This dissection video demonstrates the methods of locating key structures of the anterior neck triangle and its sub-triangles. It includes ways of locating and identifying major vascular and nerve structures associated with the carotid sheath as well.
There is also a dissection steps pdf file attached so you can print the worksheets and make any notes you wish to take to lab with you as a reminder of the steps.

2 Comments on “Dissection: Anterior Triangle of the Neck

  1. Does the ansa cervicalis provide innervation to the genioglossus, or geniohyoid? It was said that it provides innervation to genioglossus, but I was under the impression that hypoglossal did genioglossus and geniohyoid was C1 via hypoglossal. Great videos! Using as a study tool here at NYMC! Thanks!

    • Good catch Joseph. We will correct it immediately. I miss spoke. The C1 supplies the geniohyoid muscle and CN XII hypoglossal nerve supplies the genioglossus. To me it is a bit semantic whether you say it is a C1 supply to the genoihyoid or a branch of the Ansa cervicalis. I usually simplify it all by just saying Ansa does the strap muscles and gives a branch to geniohyoid too but some prefer the more technical description of saying Ansa does the straps and C1 does the geniohyoid.
      Dr. G
      Anatomy Guy