Review: Blood Histology

6 Comments on “Review: Blood Histology

  1. Oh thank u sooo much !
    its really a brilliant idea to add histo videos 🙂

    • Thanks we are excited about expanding this part of the site. We have other expansion ideas in the works too so keep visiting us often.
      Dr. Goodmurphy
      Anatomy Guy

  2. Awesome video!! add more histo videos/clinical videos!!! love all the videos! =)

  3. I’m in love with this website!!! It’s super helpful! I just wish you guys to add videos that are helpful in the field of dentistry. Pls pls pls! 🙂

    • OK Jaycee. I will get some more in there and see if we can get some dental interests looked at. Of course as we get head and neck done that will be relevant right away.
      Dr. G